Designer/Maker for Fashion Clothing & Glass Art

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Old Baird Mood Board

Old Baird Mood Board.jpg

Old Baird Mood Board

Handbag Mood Board

Handbag Storyboard.jpg

Handbag Storyboard


Karen working on Ascot 2017.jpg

Karen working on Ascot 2017

Cloque Handbag

1 Cloque. 09.jpg

Cloque. 09

Gold and Black Handbag

1 Gold and Black. 08. Silk. Linen.jpg

Gold and Black. 08. Silk. Linen

Mini Maple Henrietta Handbag

1 Mini Maple Henrietta. 07.jpg

Mini Maple Henrietta. 07

Old Baird Tartan Handbag

1 Old Baird Tartan. 06.jpg

Old Baird Tartan. 06

Amethystine Handbag

1 Amethystine. 05.jpg

Amethystine. 05

Crewel Floral Handbag

1 Crewel Floral and Meadow 04.jpg

Crewel Floral and Meadow 04

Fringe and Meadow Handbag

1 Fringe and Meadow 03.jpg

Fringe and Meadow 03

Cloque and Linen Handbag

1 Cloque and Striped Linen 02.jpg

Cloque and Striped Linen 02

Crewel and Teal Handbag

1 Embroidered Handbag 01.jpg

Embroidered Handbag 01

Wool Silk Jacket

1 Wool Silk Jacket.jpg

Wool Silk Jacket

Old Baird Tartan

Old Baird Tartan.jpg

Old Baird Tartan

1920s Contemporary Shift

1920's Inspired.jpg

1920's Inspired

Highland Goddess Adornment

Highland  Goddess Adornment.jpg

Highland Goddess Adornment

Embroidered Jacket

Crewel Worked Silk Jacket.jpg

Crewel Worked Silk Jacket


1. Design Sketch. Wool and Silk Gilet. Embroidered Fuchsia Lining. Karen Liversedge.jpg

Design Sketch. Wool and Silk Gilet. Embroidered Fuchsia Lining.

Chiffon Changeant Wrap

Ocean Changeant Wrap.jpg

Ocean Changeant Wrap

Highland Goddess Dress

1 Highland Goddess Dress. Designer, Maker Karen Liversedge. Photo Credit  Bill Baillie.jpg

Highland Goddess Dress. Photo Credit Bill Baillie


1 Pattern Cutting Workshop.jpg

Pattern Cutting Workshop